The Informed Life: Structured Content

A digital Microphone sitting on a desktop with blank computer monitors in the background

In this episode of "The Informed Life," Jorge Arango and I discuss the role of structured content in making complex ideas clear online. Topics include the transition from traditional web pages to a data-centric web design, the role of information architecture in making complex information systems accessible and intelligible to both humans and machines, and the challenges and opportunities in using semantically sound structured content to enhance digital information's usability and accessibility.

Content Strategy Insights: Data, Stories & Meaning


In this episode of "Content Strategy Insights," Larry Swanson and I discuss the huge gaps between the human needs of digital content consumers and the constraints and requirements of the digital systems that manage it. We also, of course, explore how information architects use data, stories, and meaning to bridge these gaps and bring content to life for the human beings who need it.