Hi, I’m Andy. I’m an information architect and digital experience designer.

I collaborate with clients on high impact projects that solve specific problems for businesses and users. If you’re struggling with an information space that’s hard to understand and painful to use, we should talk.

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I have been designing for digital communication since 2005. Since then, I've held information architecture, interaction design, research, and director positions at the University of Washington, Übermind, Deloitte Digital, Anthro-Tech, and Frog. During that time I have worked with clients of all sizes in healthcare, education, transportation, retail, media, and government to create flexible structures for understanding in the connected world.

I started Andy Fitzgerald Consulting, LLC in 2016 in order to work directly with clients on strategic projects that solve specific problems for businesses and users.


Through many years and many roles, I have learned that I do my best work and produce the most value for my clients by focusing on three core values:

  • Be kind
  • Work hard
  • Stay humble

Client Partnerships

My work tends to have the highest impact (and greatest value) when I work dirctly with client organizations. Most of the clients I work with hire me to help them through a specific information problem: How to help their users find the resources they offer, understand what resources they've found, and take action on them in a way that leads to tangible results.

Agency Partnerships

I occasionally partner with agencies to help extend a firm's expertise and provide value to their clients. I've found that many design and development firms don't need an information architect and structured content designer full time. When the work requires that skill set, though, there's no getting around it. This is where I best fit in to agency projects.

Project & Professional Advising

From time to time I also help agencies, companies, and individuals on an ad hoc basis to think thorugh a problem or reframe an approach to content, IA, and findability.

Ready to tame your complex information environment to better meet business goals and user needs?

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