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“A hands on leader … through all aspects of the design process”


I work with organizations of all sizes to create elegant solutions to complex information problems. I help clients understand and articulate business and user needs, mobilize a range of disciplines and techniques to generate goal-oriented solutions, and work collaborativey with partners and in-house teams through delivery and launch.

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

Information architecture (IA) is the structural design of a shared information space. IA tasks analyze and synthesize organizational goals, user needs, content properties, and technical requirements into coherent, actionable models. Content strategy orchestrates the purposeful planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Content strategy and IA work hand-in-hand on information rich sites to ensure that content is findable, useful, and responsive to both user needs and business goals.

Common Activities

  • Card sorting and tree testing
  • Content inventorying & auditing
  • Content modeling
  • Taxonomy & metadata design
  • Page layout, wireframing & interaction design
  • Navigation modeling & design

Key Outcomes

  • Creating usable, useful, goal-oriented interfaces
  • Framing common language and alignment across systems (CMS, CRM, ERP)
  • Bridging system touchpoint (desktop, mobile, voice, smart device, and third party integrations)

Design Research

Research is the cornerstone of effective design. It's how we know we're solving the right problem—and often points to novel, elegant solutions. I tailor research efforts to scale to client resources and needs, and focus on finding the answers needed to produce positive change.

Common Activities

  • Stakeholder and user interviewing
  • Contextual analysis
  • Competitive auditing
  • Heuristic reviews
  • Baseline and prototype usability testing
  • Research synthesis and design principles framing
  • Persona and archetype creation

Key Outcomes

  • Clear and actionable design principles
  • Alignment on key tasks and use cases
  • Clear business and user goal definition

Linked Data Design & Development

Linked data techniques connect structured content on the web. This makes information easier for users to find, and easier for search engines and AI powered smart agents to locate, “understand,” and use. A lot of linked data practices look very technical and algorithm focused, but all of them are ultimatley designed to make content and messaging more available, usable, and trustworthy.

Common Activities

  • Attribute modeling
  • Metadata application profile creation
  • Ontology adoption and design
  • CMS integration support

Key Outcomes

  • Content optimized for modern search engines
  • Inreased control over the integrity and use of content
  • Data made available on the semantic web
  • Content made available to voice interface smart agents and digital assistants.

Workshops & Classes

I offer a variety of client and practitioner focused workshops, each customized and targeted to specific, measureable outcomes and designed to create durable, positive change for organizations and individuals. I am a formally trained university-level educator, though don’t expect any dusty lectures—I am also a firm believer in the power of structured, interactive, hands-on learning.

Recent Workshop Topics

  • Designing Taxonomies
  • Alignment Personas
  • Experience Attributes
  • UX for Emerging Technologies
  • Data Management for Content Designers
  • Practical Large Scale Content Analysis

Recent Workshop Locations

  • UX London, London UK
  • Microsoft Ventures, Seattle WA
  • General Assembly, Seattle WA
  • World IA Day, Zurich CH
  • School of Visual Concepts, Seattle WA
  • IA Conference, Orlando FL

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