Case Studies

WHO Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases

An image of a series of printed pages of an information architecture recommendations deck

I helped the World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) assess and revise the information architecture of their WHO sub-site content. Where their site had previously been structured to mirror their internal organization, based on the diseases they seek to control, their content structure and navigation now reflect the information needs of key site visitors and the priorities of the NTD department.

UW Medicine

 A computer screen displaying a spreadsheet with a

I helped UW Medicine create a content strategy and information architecture approach for integrating health and wellness content into their main website in a systematic, goal-oriented way. Now, UW Medicine’s UX and content teams can use their vast library of health and wellness content to help site visitors find the resources they seek—and engage with the healthcare professionals and services they need.